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Fashion Hairstyles by Cebado

Spain is not only the home of some of the world's greatest artists and architects. In Europe Spain more and more becomes known as the new trendsetter in fashion and style. What applies to fashion and art also counts for hair. Cebado has been creating amazing hairstyles since 1892 and shows us again a refreshing approach to the new season.
  • ponytail hairstyle
  • sporty haircut
  • sportive short hairstyle
  • ponytail hairstyle
  • sporty hairstyle
  • man with fashion haircut
  • long blonde hair with curls
  • ear length hairstyle
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Cebado bets on simplicity and versatility that can be styled according to the wants and needs of each individual.
Smooth and round shapes that show movement combined with multi tonal shades of hair color are the flavor of the new season. All hairstyles created by Cebado.