Fashion Hairstyles by Cebado

Fashion hairstyles
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Spain is not only the home of some of the world's greatest artists and architects. Increasingly, Spain is being recognized as a new trendsetter in fashion and style across Europe. What applies to fashion and art also holds true for hair. Cebado has been creating amazing hairstyles since 1892 and once again demonstrates a refreshing approach to the new season.
Cebado focuses on simplicity and versatility, allowing styles to be tailored to the wants and needs of each individual.
Smooth and round shapes that exhibit movement, combined with multi-tonal shades of hair color, are the essence of the season.

Smooth & Sleek Ponytail

Hair pulled into an elegant smooth and sleek ponytail
Timeless and yet always new: the ponytail. To make it especially elegant, comb all your hair to the top of the head until smooth and sleek.
Pull tight and fasten with a strong, ouchless ponytail band. Decorate with your favorite hair accessories.
AAlways remember - less is more. Try just a few pearls instead of rhinestone overkill. Add shine spray.

Versatile Haircut

Versatile and sporty ear length haircut
Natural with finesse. Go from sporty to elegant in seconds with this versatile haircut.
The top hair is cut long and straight at ear length. The neck is layered tightly, which gives support to the top hair and also creates a voluminous neckline with a youthful touch. Bangs are left long.
Simply blow-dry, shape by scrunching with fingers after adding some mousse.

Feminine Short Haircut

Feminine short haircut that looks sportive
Boyish cut with girly wave. A simple and classic short haircut that looks luxurious and sportive at the same time gets an extra feminine touch with a sweet little curl at the forehead. The short hair is tapered on the sides, while the top hair is left long and sleek.
Part the hair on the side, comb straight with the help of some shine serum. Create a quick twist on the forehead with your curling iron. Hairspray will hold it in place all day long.

Men's Fashion Hairstyle

Short cropped fashion haircut for men
Who doesn't like a strong man with a playful side? This is the perfect fashion haircut for men. The hair is cropped short and neat around the head with a side part.
Comb the hair over the top of the head to the opposite side. In the front, the bangs are slightly longer than the rest of the hair and end up in wispy wavy curls that will surely catch attention.

Sporty Short Hairstyle

Sporty short bob hairstyle
Sporty elegance is not a contradiction. Cebado's light and fluffy bob proves this.
To give the classic shape more volume and motion, the hair was simply layered in the lower areas. The bangs are styled sideways.
To achieve the deliberate tousled look, massage in some mousse and scrunch the hair with your hands.

Fashion Hairstyle for Men

New hairstyle for men with a strong sense for fashion
Liberated and free-spirited, with a strong sense of fashion, are the new hairstyles for men.
Here, the hair is cut to one length all around the head, resulting in generous layers that almost reach the lower neck.
The back and the sides are styled straight down. The front and the sides form a delightful contrast with their side-swept motion.
Mousse and a blow dryer do the trick.

Long Hair with Playful Curls

Long hair with crunched looking waves and playful curls
Modern sirens still like to show off their wavy hair. The curls of today are lighter and more playful than ever before.
Large waves on the upper sections of the long hair transition into smaller, more textured waves and curls on the lower areas.
And who could resist a light, bright, and breezy beach blonde? Sailors, beware!

Short Ear-Length Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with the length just reaching the ear
Simplicity at first sight. However, at second glance, there are subtle surprises that make this classic short hairstyle a top choice for the new season.
The hair is cut into long layers with a side part. The length just reaches the ear.
Darker, mocha-shaded accents underneath the blonde base color, along with some lighter highlights, create a three-dimensional effect, adding volume, shine, and depth.
All hairstyles created by Cebado.
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