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Festive Hairstyles

Who does not love the time of festive evenings and great parties? Its time to dress up and all festive and trendy outfits need the right make-up and also the right hairstyle to go along.
It is actually quite easy to switch from an office-proof look to a glamour and diva look. Essanelle shows us how with their festive hairstyles.
  • hair with added shine spray
  • festive curls hairstyle
  • Marilyn Monroe style
  • Thirties look hairstyle
  • shoulder length haircut
  • hair with added shine spray
  • hair with added shine spray
  • long curls hairstyle
  • curled hair
  • bun hairstyle
  • long curls hairstyle
  • hair with waves that bounce
  • romantic hairstyle
  • festive ponytail
  • celebration proof hairstyle
  • up do with ponytail
  • long party hair
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