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The English Gentlemen collection portrays modern cuts with a tailored classic look and edgy disconnection.
Cuts: Inspired by the early 1930s film culture, this collection reflects the archetype of English gentlemen epitomized by movie actors. These cuts are in a class of their own, blending wit with immaculate dress and behavior, yet hinting at mischief beneath the surface.
Colors: Incorporating semi and color fresh tones to enhance glossiness, warm browns, and blondes dominate. These colors complement short, sharply tailored cuts with longer lengths, creating internal movement and quintessential finishes.

Classic Fade Cut

Classic fade cut hairstyle for men
The first sample in the English Gentlemen collection features a classic fade cut with elements of flat-top and faux hawk styling. The hair is tapered to the skin at the perimeter hairline and gradually increases to approximately 1/2 inch (1.25 - 1.5 cm) in length at the parietal ridge.
A side part introduces an asymmetrical element for visual interest, while the hair at the top and crown is directed towards the center, reaching a maximum length of one and a half to two inches (3.7 - 5 cm).
To achieve a sharp and precise look without appearing chunky, the ends of the hair are textured with a fine-patterned point-cut technique. Styling is likely done with damp hair using a wax-based product for extra-firm hold and malleability.

Short Back and Sides

Short back and sides hairstyle for men
A twist on the classic short back and sides style, this cut features clipper-short sides and cleanly defined perimeter lines, topped with a rakish mop at the crown. The length of the hair gradually increases from the parietal ridge upwards, forming a full volume swarm of waves that reach approximately three inches or more in length (7.5+ cm).
The ends of the hair are once again textured, this time with wider points to add more detail to the wavy mass. Styling is likely achieved using a blow-dryer and brush, along with mousse or gel for hold, and a touch of anti-frizz serum or pomade for definition.

Princeton Look

Princeton or Collegiate look haircut
This is a modern take on the classic Collegiate or Princeton haircut. The hair is shorter at the back and sides, gradually increasing in length from the perimeter hairline to the parietal ridge, and extending even further towards the front/fringe area. The fringe is the longest point, measuring approximately four to six inches (10 - 15 cm).
The hair is smoothly layered with gentle graduation, and the fringe is softened to points using a razor tool. Styling involves using a blow-dryer and brush, along with a smoothing serum to add sleekness and smoothness to the finished style.

Traditional Men's Haircut

Traditional haircut for men
This traditional men's cut receives a modern update by incorporating curved lines into the tapering on the sides, resulting in a more rounded appearance. The side part remains a classic detail, acting as a breaking line to redirect the hair during styling.
The rounded cutting lines are equally applied to the top section of the head, while the short fringe at the front hairline is lightly textured using point-cutting techniques.
To achieve the look, a mousse or gel product is likely applied, and the hair is blow-dried using a flat-paddle, natural-bristle brush, finished with a touch of smoothing serum.

Traditional Boy's Hairstyle

Traditional boy's hairstyle for longer hair
This longer, traditional boy's or man's hairstyle features layered sides and a top cut in a circular shape. The perimeter of the hair is textured with a razor tool to create soft, wispy lines. The hair is styled smoothly using a blow-dryer and brush, with a light product applied for maximum movement.
The finished look is likely enhanced with a touch of smoothing serum to maintain control over the hair and add definition to the strands.

Choppy Men's Haircut

Men's haircut with choppy layers
Heavily textured to create a choppy, chaotic look in the top and crown sections, this variation of the short back and sides haircut features perimeter hairlines that taper to the scalp and increase rapidly toward the parietal ridge.
The longer top section is given choppy layers and directed inward in the styling using a wax-based pomade, most likely, to provide control and malleability to the hair. The fringe features some chipping for visual interest, but the overall effect is reminiscent of the faux-hawk design.

Crop Haircut for Men

Short cropped hair for men
A nearly classic crop for men is evident here, but a few elements of change take the whole look in a different direction. The hair is cropped short all over the sides and back, with a slight increase in length in the top section of the head.
The fringe follows the classic men's short style, but then takes a sharp curve into a steep point just above the right eye. This point is balanced by the inclusion of rooster-tail spikes in the upper crown section, which aim upward and forward to continue the theme.

Longer Men's Hairstyle

Longer hairstyle with textured ends for men
Another longer, yet still classic look, this layered circle cut features undercut sides with clean lines at the sideburns and around the ears. Softly textured ends are created with a razor for a smooth yet textured look.
The styling involves blow-drying with a light hold product for volume and movement, with a touch of pomade for definition and enhancement of the textured effects. The hidden parting adds a focal point to the long hairstyle and provides additional visual interest.

Men's Haircut with Simple Styling

Long men's haircut with simple styling
Once again in darker shades, this long layered hairstyle for men is characterized by soft cutting lines and a low-slung, back-angled part on the side of the head. This is designed to enable and enhance the tucked-behind-the-ear look without removing bulk from the curtain of fringe in the face. Embraced by the emo crowd, this style is a favorite among those in the know.
The styling process is relatively simple. Begin by blow-drying until the hair is slightly damp, with styling gel and smoothing serum already applied. Then, comb the hair into the desired configuration, smoothing away any stray strands using additional product.

Modern Boy's Hairstyle

Modern boy's hairstyle with the hair directed forward
Collegiate Cut Plus is one way to describe the look shown here. It's a slightly longer version of the classic collegiate cut, featuring short back and sides that become more extreme toward the fringe area.
The blow-dry styling is evident in the finished hairstyle, as is the use of maximum hold styling gel. The hair is directed forward and out to create a peaking wave, likely sprayed for a final hold.

Long Men's Hair Style

Long hair style with extreme nape length for men
Here we witness creativity at its peak. This long hairstyle for men boasts a curved fringe, asymmetrical styling, and a long side lock. The extreme length at the nape is balanced by the roughed-up styling on the right crown area and side, providing a counterpoint to the left side's close-cropped and smooth styling.
The hairstyle incorporates a multitude of techniques. Start with a blow-dry styling for a smooth finish, then add in backcombing and roughing of the hair on the right-hand side, while maintaining clean-edge finishing on the left and front.
Hair: Sanrizz International Artistic Team
Photography: Andres Reynaga
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