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Extensions Hairstyles Collection

This inspirational collection by the FAME Team is inspired by Andy Warhol pop art and 1960s mod culture. It is bold, striking and incredibly beautiful.
The collection demonstrates modern day variations of the iconic bob, giving the FAME Team a platform to exhibit their intricate technical ability along with an astute understanding of current trends.
  • midlength extensions style
  • short extensions style
  • short style
  • purple hair
  • red hair
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Using Racoon Hair Extensions to create asymmetric layers, fringes and dramatic flashes of color, this collection embodies creative and artistic excellence.
Hair: The Fellowship FAME Team for Racoon International
Extensions: Warren Lee Jenkins and Esther Sweenie @ Racoon
Photography: Pete Webb @ Creative Wasp
Art Direction: Terry Calvert
Styling: Rachel Bakewell
Make-Up: Janeen Witherspoon