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John Beerens Haarstudio

The introduction of Claudia exhibits various poses throughout the photos and invites the onlooker the ability to see the versatility of the quaintness of the haircut. The gaiety of this informal image can also be dressed up with formal apparel and accessories.
  • easy to maintain short hairstyle
  • short bob with lifted bangs
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Claudia turns everyone's head with the glamour of golden red threads set over the deeper coppery tones of her hair. This delightful hairstyle is textured into layers and sectioned into a side part with plenty of bounce going over both sides. The back is combed lightly under being careful to bring an awareness of the select pieces of hair that lie upon the other.
As seen in the photos, the sides can be pieced next to the face with the bangs tilting together on the forehead or combed closer to the side of the temple. The sides can also be combed back exposing the ears and a carefree line from the back to be seen, as if part of a halo. A complete illustration of this hairstyle exposing the entirety of Claudia's oval face is apparent in the second photo.
The genius of the hairstyle is flipped back and over the other hair as the ends are combed under her ears and toward the face. The top is brought over and rests upon the other hair instead of her forehead. A true sport and completely you, use gel and your round brush for this trendy look.
Model: Claudia
Photography: Paul Bekkers
Hair: Team John Beerens Haarstudio
Make-Up: Pupa
Products: Alter Ego Italia