Autumn by Intercoiffure Boehm.Haare!

Hairstyles with volume
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Normann and Team bring a variety of spice with short wispy coifs to fat kinky volume and lazy rolling lush waves to other styles that are smooth slick lines that flow around the shoulders.
There are colors of reddish blondes on blonde that enrich our eyes to the deep satisfying arrangement of sables. They are all here for your perusal.

Bloused Bangs

Short hairstyle with bloused bangs
Here we see the gainful satisfaction of reddish blonde on blonde and warm browns weaved and sliced to impress the most critical eye of a natural creation. Docked in textures of layers extends the flips we admire around her face.
The bangs are bloused upon her forehead presenting the carefree expression desired. Use your curling iron to tilt the ends.

Clipped around the Ears

Dark short hair for an ivory skinned lady
This ivory skinned lady presents sable dark hair fashioned in layers and clipped closely to her head and around her ears. There are, razor clips that frame her face and along the nape in finespun artistic chops that would spellbind any bystander. The use of a styling lotion will bring good results to this hairstyle.

Spiral Permanent

Spiral perm hairstyle
The tantalizing effect of reddish bronzed hair upon blonde and undercoats of warm brown cannot be overrated, especially when there are willowy layers of spirals that billow out from one another.
This ultra achievement in hair styling can only be termed in the highest of feminine recognition. Use a curl activator after your spiral permanent.

Flip in the Back

Hairstyle with a flip in the back
The smooth lines of a shag hairstyle will never go out of style as the angles frame the face and flip in the back. The colors of blonde and thin slices of warm brown meet to unify this magnetic image. After blow drying, use smoothing serum to smooth the ends in place and over the brows.

Smooth Short Hair & Curls

Smooth short hair and long curls
Left: This short and smooth style is given to detail in shag lines that are combed over her ears and lie upon her forehead to set off the blue in her eyes. Most striking is the platinum tones that charm this overall hairstyle. The use of styling lotion will assist in this hairstyle.
Right: The color of dark mahogany dominates into its fullest concept when fashioned just above the shoulders in multitudes of curls away from the face. Extravagance never looked so good. A conditioning perm will bring you the reward of this picture.

Romantic Bob & Yesteryear Style

Romantic bob and a yesteryear hairstyle
Left: The mysterious allure of raven hair is positioned into a smooth half part and bangs. This hairstyle has been clipped with precision to lie smoothly below the shoulders and angled to frame the face, resembling the era of yesteryear. The appeal of this hairstyle entices a spell over those who view this black magic. Follow through with gel and smoothing serum.
Right: A bob arrives upon the stage, in a seriously smooth deep chestnut brown that captures attention. There are romantic blunts of hair that edge toward the face rendering a form of elegance and envy. Gel will bring stability to your hairstyle.

Short Razored Hairstyle

Short razored hair styled over the ears
The darling of short razored textures is apparent throughout this cap of tri-tones of blonde, browns and caramel tones in the hair. A light frame of fringe circles the face in artistic chops and over the ears with a smooth slithered cut along the nape. Use generous portions of gel before you blow dry.

Short Hair with Volume

Hair with curls and a short nape
The projection of golden beige hair delivers swirls, dips and curls that blend together in a harmony of layers that flow with the shorter nape to hug the neckline. This expression of volume can be benefited through a permanent, following leave-in moisturizers and curl activators.

Semi-Layered Hairstyle

Semi-layered hairstyle with a slight wave
The ultra smooth blending of chestnut and caramel browns lie in appealing slices woven throughout this semi-layered coiffure. There is a slight wave on one side that is away from the face revealing the lobe of the ear.
The other heavier side shades part of the face and is tucked under the rest of the hair. The use of a large curling iron will help achieve the smoothness desired.

Layered Hairstyle with Curls

Classy layered hairstyle with curls
The hypnotic rapture of reddish browns with flaxen weaves around the face steals the scene in layered curls that brush the shoulders of the model. There are obvious single blonde sections dipping and touching over the sides perfecting this classy cut. Thermo styling gel and a medium sized curling iron should be used.
Hair: Patricia Normann and Artistic Team - Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare!
Styling: Patricia Normann
Make up: Patricia Normann
Photography: Michel de Vries
Products: REDKEN
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