Smelly Hair

Girl with smelly hair
Try as we might, no one is immune to smelly hair. I am not just talking about dirty hair from lack of washing it or using poor shampoos and conditioners; I am talking about how hair can get an awful lingering scent just from spending five quick minutes ordering a coffee.
Coffee shops like Dunkin’ Donuts are amazingly popular places to go to in the morning and for good reason: they have fabulously flavored coffee and on-the-go sandwiches, donuts, and the ever famous munchkin donut holes. But, with all that people are ordering and toasters going, onion bagels galore, you will more often than not leave with an odor that has penetrated you. The same goes for Subway. The sandwiches are great but there is a scent that can linger on your person all day, and you can begin to get self-conscious about someone getting too close to your freshly washed hair and being repulsed by one whiff.
It gets even harder if you live in a city because there is constant construction, trains/subways leaving fuel odors, food carts galore, and sewer stench that can make you want to vomit. The excitement is one thing but the hair odor is quite the odor. What if you are going to a play or an interview or have a date? You want to look and smell great! So what can you do on the go to ensure that your locks will always be delectable? Here are some ideas that we have come up with that may just save your day … and your hair.
Dry Shampoo
Of course, travel size dry shampoo is an amazing quick trick and it smells as good as your regular shampoo. Bonus: many of the brands you already use have their own dry shampoos so you know what to expect in terms of the scent. Plus, the smaller bottles fit quite conveniently in your bag and both you and your partner can use at any time, no matter where you are, whether out on the street or in a bathroom. But, as with any hair product, please avoid over usage because it could cause build-up and that can lead to follicular clogging. So, be conservative.
If you have thick and/or curly hair, you may have learned that the rule of thumb is to suds up around three times per week, unless you get your hair professionally blown out then you can go about a week. The only time you can wash your hair every day is if you have super oily hair so just keep that in mind. If you are abiding by these rules, you do not want to mess it up by over spraying with dry shampoos. Feel free to use them but again, make sure that it is sparingly and at least ten inches away from the head.
If you are spending the day in the city, wait until you have reached your destinations to use dry shampoo. Do not use it at every smelly stop or you will over spray plus run out of product before the day is even over and no one wants that. If you are in a rush and you did not expect to get an odor in your hair, you can dab some perfume into your roots (samples are great to carry in your bag to be used in a pinch) but be very liberal and do not expect it to cover a heavy scent all that much. It is not meant to be used as a mask but rather a minimal shield to get you through the unexpected.
Essential Oils
The best thing that you can possibly do is buy a small inexpensive spray bottle that fits in to your bag that you can carry everywhere (they can be purchased at a hair store or a drugstore). Then, head over to an essential oils store, the more natural the better and start sampling some scents. Find the ones that are delicate and sweet but more importantly, match your personality. After you have chosen a few, mix them with water and use this combination to combat smelly hair on the run.
It works so well that it is actually recommended for those whom have dreadlocks as a way to ensure that their hair stays on point in the scent department but does not lose its shape. Water can loosen dreads and after all of the work that goes into achieving them, you will not want to mess with them at all so this method has been used to maintain the dread shape while making the hair smell great. This is the one common misconception about dreads: that they must smell awful because they are knotted hair locks and can only be washed every two weeks.
With the self-made essential oil/water concoction, your hair will be odor free and it can be your choice of what smell you ultimately use. You are not limited to what scent you get as you can create your own and it is quick and easy and will remove any unwanted odors you may encounter along the way.
Hair Dryer
If your hair smells awful from the night before, say you were out all night at a boozy bar and now you smell like cigarette smoke, pizza, and alcohol, but you do not have time to shower and wash it away, there is a five-minute solution you may like. Take your hair dryer and put it on cold then hold it on your hair for five minutes. Cooler air opens the cuticles, releasing any nasty smells that may have gotten locked in. Then, you can proceed with the dry shampoo or essential oils and bam ... your hair is odor free.
Now, this is not to say that you will not notice any lingering scents as the more potent ones can get stuck inside our noses and refuse to leave. But, with good hygiene, a little body spray, and something to spritz on your locks, you should be more than okay and set for whatever comes your way.
Be Prepared
You have to know your environment. If you know you have to stop and get coffee but that you hate the smell it leaves you with, make sure you pack your products that day and the same goes for a day in the city. Be prepared or as much as you possibly can because that is the only way that you can combat smelly hair.
Now you have the tools and the solutions but it is up to you to implement them and decide which ones are the best for your hair and you lifestyle. If you are a constant city person, go for the essential oils combo but if you are just going in for a day trip, have some body spray and dry shampoo. Always have dry shampoo on your person for quick touch-ups post coffee runs and start enjoying an odor free life! Good luck!
By Mandi N.     ©