Does Short Hair Age?

Happy older woman with short hair and wearing glasses
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One of the persistent myths about hair is that short hair makes a woman look older. It is part of the pervasive group of misconceptions that keep many women from enjoying a hairstyle that would look great on her and make her feel good.
While it is true that some hairstyles have the power to make us look older or younger, this has nothing to do with the length of the hair. Color, styling, design of the cut, health of the hair, texture, and also the personal attitude all work together to create a visual impression.
Whether the hair is short or long does not have as much impact on the "age" of the appearance as it is too often believed. Short or long, what ages an appearance is a hairstyle that is wrong for your type.
Famous Short Styles
Looking at celebrities who are wearing their hair short is the best way to debunk the myth of short hairstyles. Sharon Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, Judy Dench, or Helen Mirren all look radiant and beautiful with their pixie cuts and other short hairstyles.
What could be a more sassy look on Jamie Lee Curtis than the short cut that she has been sporting for decades?
Choosing the Best Look
When making a decision about the best hairstyle for you, keep in mind that it is not about looking older or younger or anything else that does not fit your personality or lifestyle.
Collar-length bob haircut for older women
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The discourse on age has come a long way, and the veneration of eternal youth is finally making room for a more balanced view of every age being beautiful in its own way. Hairstyles are about enhancing your beauty in every decade. They are supposed to celebrate you and make you look your best.
Your choices are guided by the texture, density, the wave pattern, and general health of your hair. Together with considering the shape of your face, your lifestyle, habits, and level of activity all contribute to narrowing down the huge list of possible looks to a manageable number.
How to Wear it Short
When we age, lines and wrinkles will appear in our faces as witnesses of all of the adventures, smiles, challenges, and joyous moments that we have experienced. While they should not be covered and hidden, they don't have to be flaunted and there are certain hairstyles that deflect the focus from them. Once again, it is not about the length, but about the texture.
Older woman with short hair that makes her look younger
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Avoid cuts that have many straight, sharp lines. Geometric avant-garde does not look great on anyone, and even a sharply cut bob has its limits. Instead go for a soft texture around the edges, layers, wispy, playful designs. Feathery tips that frame the face, a soft, textured fringe, and happy movement in the hair all contribute to the hairstyle being an instant facelift.
Many of the new hairstyles feature asymmetrical designs and a variety of lengths in one cut. Feel free to experiment! Mohawks and radical undercuts may not be for everyone, but there are so many modern variations of short hair out there, that it will be easy to find the specific look that works best for you. Talk to your stylist about the options. Look at other women with short hair and take notes about what you like and think looks good on them.
What about the Hair Color?
Gray is the new sexy. It is so popular that some women actually dye their hair in a silver tone. If your hair has lost its pigment then think about enhancing it by going for platinum, which is an easy step and looks especially sassy in a short cut. Muddy gray tones can be a bit dull and make you look tired. Add some sparkle to it with highlights or go all the way for a stunning metallic power color.
Of course, the option to dye it is always there, but nothing can age more than dyed hair that is too intense. Keep the color soft and natural, avoiding very dark or very red.
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