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You may be required to take safety hazard classes as you will be working with many different types of chemicals like bleaches and peroxide as well as perm processor. These are basic classes any person who works in a salon will have to take in case of an emergency so do not feel like you are being singled out. As for requirements when it comes to attempt to get into a salon, you should have six months experience but that is just preferred, not required.
Think about getting a part-time job as a receptionist at a salon while in high school so you can already have some salon knowledge. The minimum age is around sixteen but no younger and you must always check with your state for their minimum age requirements. You must be a good communicator. They say perfect English is a must, but I think that the more languages you know, the better because clientele has become such a melting pot and it will make you more of an asset. Flexibility is huge; you should be available for all shifts so when you apply for this position, know if it can work in lieu of going to school or you have chosen to do it post-grad.
Doing it as a post-grad, you will most definitely get paid because you are not as much of an apprentice as you already have taken the tests and done the classroom work. Now, you are ready to work but remember, even after you have taken the official test, you still need to prove yourself, like at any job. These salons have a reputation to protect, and they need to make sure that you can adhere to their standards and keep up their good name.
Other than that, just know that this is a very rewarding and colorful career. There will be people who are tough, but that comes with any job. You just have to smile and know that you are there to transform lives. Someone can walk in having had a horrible day and with one good cut and color, leave feeling at the top of the world.
Take these tips, call a few salons, do some local research specific to your state or wherever you plan to start your salon career and just go for it. You may find that this is where you were meant to be all along. And if you already have a degree but are thinking of switching careers, being a hair salon assistant may be just the change you have been looking for. Good luck!
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