Kid-Friendly Hair Salons (2)

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Now that you have the space, it is time to decorate it with a few iPads, coloring books, board games, juice boxes, water, books, and magazines such as National Geographic Kids and/or Sports Illustrated Kids. You can even decide if you want some plexiglass or doors so that the kids have a more private area while the parents have their own area, as well. They can still see each other and interact but no one is on top of one another.
Salon Sitters
It would also be wise to hire a teenager or college student looking for a part-time job, and here's why. You will need a few people, based on the number of children in the "kids area," as we will call it, to make sure no one gets hurt and things don't get out of hand.
They can be salon sitters, if you will, which is what we had at the kids' salon I was at for when we had the birthday parties. I was the head party coordinator and based on the number of children for each party, that would determine how many assistants I would have with me, usually two high schoolers who loved children.
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With the addition of salon sitters, other amenities can be incorporated like simple kids' hairstyles: gelled mohawks, glitter braids, beaded braids, simple twists with clips, fun but simple makeup, kid-friendly nail polish, dress-up, movie time. You can get as creative as you want and this will allow for the mothers (and fathers) to feel comfortable getting more services. You can also offer a special evening of first haircuts where you do a package that includes a cut, style, photo, lock of hair, and keepsake card for baby’s first haircut but make a whole evening out of it.
A mom may come in thinking to just get a haircut, but then see the setup you have and decide that she wants highlights and then a pedicure and any additional services you may have. The best part is you can ask the parent on the phone if they would like to "reserve" the kids' area for their child for the day of their appointment. As an owner, you will need a headcount to know how many extra hands you will need. Offer it for a nominal fee and explain everything that comes along with the salon sitters. It will be hard to say no, and it is also something the owners can promote to current customers online, through postcards, and promotions.
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Once kids become extremely comfortable at this particular salon, they may request that their parents take them there when it is time for a haircut and that will just keep building business. Word of mouth, when it comes to children, is huge.
There can also be mommy-and-me or daddy-and-me events for a fee where the parents learn new styles for their child, like the latest in braids, twists, or updos. There is so much that can be done, you just have to be proactive. Good luck and we wish you much success!