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New Wash gluten-free shampoo
Hairstory’s New Wash Shampoo: The New Must-Have Hair Product.
Many hair products have come and gone with the promise that they will leave you with the most luxurious, beautiful, soft, and rejuvenated locks. Your hair and your life will be changed forever. But, in reality, it is just a waste of time, energy, and, more importantly, money. That is where Hairstory's New Wash Shampoo comes in to save the day and make you wonder where it has been all your life.
The Hairstory brand was founded by Bumble and Bumble creator, Michael Gordon, and is located in the stylist’s home in New York City’s Financial District. It is extremely elusive and private, which is why you will never get an exact address for the intimate home hair salon. Along with that, a recommendation is required to get into Hairstory. So basically, this is like going to an exclusive hair stylist.
Gordon founded Bumble and Bumble in 1977, which became extremely successful until he sold it to Estée Lauder in 2006. Following the sale, he went on to produce a film about the iconic hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon, which debuted in 2010. But, Michael Gordon really wanted to make the best possible shampoo he could for the industry, and that was where he devoted much of his energy, leading to the development of New Wash.
New Wash shampoo is an amazing mix of natural ingredients and oils, that are also gluten-free, to provide the highest performance. The best part is that you no longer need conditioner ever again. To add to all of that, this product can be used on every single, and I mean absolutely every single, hair type imaginable.
An average bottle of New Wash usually lasts between 30-40 washes or around three months, give or take, and it is used more as a hair mask, though it replaces all other shampoos and conditioners. There is no detergent, but rather several juices and oils that all serve a highly useful function, starting with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, which is used to cleanse pores as well as balance the pH of the scalp, adding shine and making the hair extremely soft.
Next up, Jojoba Seed Oil loosens the follicles so that hair loss will not be an issue while removing any buildup that can accrue from daily styling products. Jojoba also conditions and moisturizes hair as well as your skin, which is an added bonus most hair washes don't provide.
New Wash shampoo with natural ingredients and oils
Evening Primrose Oil is great for removing dirt, and if your hair is dry, it will nourish and replenish it. Sunflower Seed Oil has fatty acids to repair any follicular damage, such as from bleaching or over-processed hair. It also has Vitamin E which is a great UV protectant (think sunshine and tanning beds) and continues to add moisture like never before.
There’s also Peppermint Oil and Rosa Centifolia Flower Water for a nice scent. Keratin plays a big part in adding the necessary proteins for hair strengthening and shielding it from the everyday environmental stressors that can't be avoided. Finally, Menthyl Lactate is added to cool the scalp as well as stimulate, and New Wash also has the benefit of being safe for use on your furry friends such as your precious pup.
This healthy mix and balance of natural oils in New Wash will not only cut down on your shower time but will be more cost-effective, something that Michael Gordon seemingly prides himself on. The fact that he has worked extensively to create a health-based product that he can offer to every person in the world, regardless of their location and/or hair type, is a huge accomplishment in the hair styling world. It is no wonder that he has had such success for over four decades.
Working out of their own 5th floor Hairstory salon on Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District is well worth it, as the experience patrons get is invaluable. Actually, it's more like a studio, a lab where they can see people's hair and test products. They are also vigorously creating content and videos. The bottom line is that Michael Gordon has worked tirelessly to bring only the best products to his clients and those who are eager for amazingly soft, touchable, and healthy hair with minimal effort.
Anyone can go to and browse their products and read testimonials as well as check out Instagram. You will quickly see that he is revolutionizing the hair game with New Wash shampoo, and it will be the solution to so many different hair problems. Go and check it out and remember that the time you save is more valuable than anything money can buy!