Highlights without Hair Damage

Hair with hihglights
Photo: Irina Bg/Shutterstock
Q: When I have highlights done at my salon, she uses a product other than bleach so it doesn't get damaged and rubbery and the highlights come out to a beautiful honey color on my dark brown hair.
Can you recommend some products that achieve this same end result?

A: While the idea that I could recommend something seems like it would be easy, I truly cannot make such a determination that would be in any way truly meaningful for you, since I do not specifically know what your hairdresser uses in the salon.
She might use a specific formula of developer with added conditioners to protect the hair during the lightening of single-process color, or perhaps she uses an additive with a mixture of bleach and developer to lighten the hair before applying a toner to moderate the color result.
There are various products which are often used to create specific results, and which are meant to help deal with specific hair types to give the best result.
I would also like to point out that many times the results you get from a salon color, perm or styling service has less to do with the products used and more to do with the skill and experience of the stylist performing the service. And the skill and experience are things that cannot be substituted at home.
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