Hair Length and Style for a Square Face

Woman with a square face
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Q: I am a 30-year-old woman with a square face. My hair is brown, straight, and slightly longer than shoulder length. What would be a good hair length and style for me to reduce the angular appearance of my face? I am open to trying new things and completely changing my style if necessary.
A: It's challenging to provide advice on a hairstyle without seeing exactly how you look. Besides your face shape, other facial features should also be considered. I'll give you general tips that apply to women with a square face. This will give you an idea of possible options and serve as a good foundation to ultimately choose a suitable hairstyle with your hairstylist.
It's important to choose a hairstyle that minimizes the strong angles of your jawline and adds softness to your overall appearance. An excellent choice for your square face would be long hair with layers, meaning layers that start below your chin. This style softens the pronounced angles of your face and adds some movement to your hair. Strategically placing layers helps frame your face in a way that accentuates your good facial features without emphasizing the square shape of your face.
Shoulder-length hair is also a good and especially versatile option. This hair length is a good medium that neither elongates nor shortens the appearance of the face too much. Adding layers around your face can enhance the softening effect of shoulder-length hair and provide a feminine touch to your look. The great advantage of shoulder-length hair lies in its versatility. You can still experiment with various hairstyles, from elegant updos to casual ponytails.
Regardless of the chosen length, and for an extra touch of softness, consider side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs can break the horizontal line of your forehead and add a subtly flattering element to your hairstyle. Choose bangs that seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair. The seamless transition creates a cohesive and attractive hairstyle.
If you're willing to go a bit shorter, a long bob, often called a "lob," is a contemporary and stylish choice. Keeping the length just below the jawline and adding subtle layers creates a modern, chic, and refined hairstyle. It's a youthful style that complements a square face perfectly.
Are you adventurous and not afraid to go for a significantly shorter haircut? Then a pixie cut is an excellent choice. Such a short hairstyle can be both fashionable and practical. Opt for a cut with soft edges. It's essential to have a gentle transition from the top of your head to the sides and back. This creates a contemporary and feminine appearance. A pixie cut emphasizes your good facial features by shifting the focus from your jawline to the top of your head.
Soft waves or curls can also help soften a square face. They provide some variation if you usually wear your hair straight and add a touch of romance to your look. Whether you go for shoulder-length or shorter hair, experimenting with waves and curls is a good idea.
So, I hope these tips are helpful in your search for a suitable hair length and a new hairstyle. As you can see, there's something for every length. Whether you're adventurous and want to go significantly shorter or not, there's always a solution for women with a square face.
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