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Getting Older and Hair Length

Q: My mother says that when you get older you should keep your hair short and at least away from your blouse collar. Is she right? My husband doesn't agree, but I would like to hear a professional opinion. I'm 45.
A: There has always been the myth that when you are older you need to chop your hair off - but that belief is simply no longer true! Hair is an attitude and it's all in how you wear it.
Forty-five is still young! Many ladies in their forties and fifties are wearing their hair long and looking fabulous. Just take a look at some celebrities of that age and see for yourself.
45 plus hairstyle for women

Some people believe that the older you get the less maintenance you want to be. While this may be true for some, it is not the overall rule. Gray hair is a huge factor to why people think they have to start wearing their hair differently as they age.
There used to be very limited options for covering gray and the results were oftentimes opaque and unflattering. Hair color has come such a long way! There are lots of new color lines that help cover stubborn grays and still keep the hair looking fabulous. Many hair dyes today cover gray and the result is silky soft, youthful hair strands.
I will say that hair can get too long, unhealthy, or unruly, but that can happen at any age. Focus on keeping your hair healthy, fresh, and flattering. Talk to your personal hair stylist for any added input but if you have a haircut and color that you love it will shine through no matter the length or age!
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