Save Money at the Hair Salon

Woman at a hair salon
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Q: How can I save money at the hair salon? Any tips? I’m on a low budget, and I think I spend too much money on haircuts and coloring. What is the best cutting frequency for healthy hair for women who wants to save money?
A: Cutting your hair more often (every 6 to 8 weeks) to keep it healthy is a myth. There is no scientific proof that it is in any way healthier to cut your hair more often, as long as your hair is healthy.
Thus, if your haircut still looks good to you and it’s easy to handle, you can skip the cut as long as you like.
Regarding the color; it really depends on what color you’re having your hair done. The lowest maintenance and effectively the cheapest color for long hair is a balayage, with lighter tips, and roots that match your natural hair color.
For gray hair, a few thin slices of highlights lighten up your whole hairstyle, while it also blends in well with the re-growth. Thin highlights also work well for short hair, as long as the highlights blend in well with your natural hair/re-growth.
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