Men and Women’s Shampoo

Man and woman washing their hair with the same shampoo
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Q: Can women use men’s shampoo?
A: Yes, women can use men’s shampoo, especially if you have short hair. Men usually have short hair, thus men’s shampoo is usually formulated to be light, “everyday” use shampoo.
This means that it doesn’t have a lot of moisturising and protecting properties. If you have long, dry, chemically treated or curly hair, you’ll find that it will leave your hair tangled, dry and lifeless.
This is because short hair doesn’t need extra moisture or protein-additions. In fact, a “heavy” shampoo that is formulated for long, chemically treated, or curly hair will probably leave short hair feeling and looking dirty and oily. Thus, the formulae of shampoo and conditioner has nothing with a specific gender, but everything to do with the actual needs of the hair.
That being said, men’s shampoos are often created to have a very masculine smell, while shampoos created for long, highlighted hair will have a distinctively feminine smell. This is due to niche-targeting, in a bid to tailor the product to fit perfectly with the needs and wants of the projected client.
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