Long Hair or Short Hair Person

Woman with short blonde hair wearing glasses
Q: I had this discussion with my boyfriend. He claims that most women who cut their hair short have regrets and grow it out again. He thinks that you are either a long hair person or a short hair person. Do you have any idea of the percentage of women who grow their hair out again after cutting it short?
A: Haha, if I had to make my own deductions from this question, I’d say that your boyfriend is actually the “long-hair person” in this scenario, and that he’s projecting his love for long hair onto you. But we can look at this objectively.
Yes, there are definitely women who have always had long hair, and will never cut their hair. Women often tend to have very emotional connotations to their long hair. If you’ve had long hair, you’ll know that it’s comforting to play with it when you’re nervous, bored or even flirting.
Women with long, well-maintained hair very often get complimented on their hair, because at the end of the day a very large percentage of men and women appreciate long hair very much. On some very basic level long hair equals being soft and female and beautiful. This means that women with long hair often start to feel that their long is hair basically part of their personality… part of their make-up. Without it they could end up feeling less attractive, less whole.
On the other hand, especially girls who’ve been forced by one or both their parents, loved ones or boyfriends to keep their hair long, often start to resent their hair and the way that they’ve been “pigeon-holed” by long hair.
Having the freedom to choose how you wear your hair and being allowed to live-out your own version of what it means to be feminine and sexy is extremely important! If you want to cut your hair, do it. Shorter hair often suits a person much better than an overly-long style.
Yeah, you probably will grow it out at some time, but this usually has little to do with regret. Hair grows. It’s only obvious that you’re going to decide at some point to leave it growing, until you have a yen for shorter hair again.
Thus, are there “long hair” and “short hair” people? Sure! Just like there are women who live in heels, while other prefers trainers. And it’s totally fine to prefer long, short, blonde or brunette hair. Just don’t let anyone decide for you which kind of person you are, based on some fear-driven idea that “most women regret cutting their hair”.
If you don’t care either way and your boyfriend really likes long hair, you can keep it long to please him, as long as you’re also happy with that. It’s your hair. Do what makes you happy with it.
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