Cut Long Hair into a Pixie

Cutting long hair into a pixie
Q: I have long hair, and I want to cut it short into a cute pixie. I’m 19 years old. Everyone disagrees when I say that I plan to cut my hair short. My friends disagree and my parents disagree. The only person who agrees is my hairdresser, but she has really short hair herself. She might be prejudiced. I love her short hair, though.
Why does no one want me to have short hair? My friends say that it would be a shame to cut my hair because it is so beautiful and shiny. I agree, but my hair is so high maintenance. I need to use my flat iron every day to make it look great. Should I just ignore their opinion and go ahead and lop it off? I think I’m old enough to make my own hair decisions.

A: The dilemma that you’re faced with is nothing new. Should you follow the sense of your own interests, or the advice of your friends and family? As you grow older, you’ll find yourself in this situation more and more, concerning lots of other more complex things than your hair.
As the years go by, and we progress from child to teenager to young adult and so forth, we develop our own opinions and preferences. More often than not, a lot of these opinions and preferences won’t be in line with most of that of our parents and friends and family.
As your character and sense of self grows stronger, you’ll find that you make your own decisions easier and faster. It sounds like you’re still quite young and unsure of how to approach this obstacle, still being unsure and inexperienced in following your own heart or will. The situation and the way that you’re handling it are good and irrespective of the decision that you make, you’ll grow more mature and sure of yourself for making that decision on your own.
What bothers me a bit the fact that you sound unsure of what it is that YOU really want to do. Do you like your long hair? Is it something that you feel is part of your identity? The way that you see yourself? Do you like to flip it over your shoulder or twirl it around your hair when you’re thinking about things? If your only reason for wanting to cut it is the fact that you have to flat-iron it every day, then I think you will regret getting a pixie-cut.
Contrary to popular belief, very short hair isn’t a wash-and-go hairstyle. You’ll have to wash, dry and style it every morning. Sure, it’ll probably take faster than having to flat-iron long hair, but not as much faster as you would expect. My advice would be to have the weight-line cut shorter (e.g. from the waist to below shoulders), with lots of drastically varying layers that have been thinned out.
This way you keep your long hair, but you make it a lot less to decrease the maintenance and time expense. If you like the shorter hair, and can see yourself going shorter, just have it cut again when you can. Gradually going shorter is fun, and it gives you ample time to get used to the new style. If you end up with a pixie-cut anyway, that’s great. If you stop somewhere along the line; that’s awesome too.
The important thing is to follow your own heart when it comes to things like your own hair, make-up, sense of style. As you grow older these choices turn into deciding the path of your future, your life-goals and dreams. Thus starting to flex the power of your decisions over things like your hair at this stage, is excellent for progressing to more important things in the future. Enjoy it.
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