Daughter Wants to Cut Her Hair

Little girl ready to cut her hair
Q: My 8 year old daughter wants to cut her long hair off and look more like her brother. Would this be a good idea? Most girls of her age that I know have long hair. Should I let her get a pixie cut?
A: I think that it is a very good sign that your daughter is attempting to flex her individualism and independence at such a young age.
In my opinion, it is always preferable to raise a child that can follow her own sense of style and has enough confidence to do her own thing. Will she stand out from the other little girls her age? Most probably, yes. Is it possible that she might regret having her hair chopped off at some stage afterwards? Of course it is.
But the whole process will hold a lot of life-lessons to be learned. Firstly she’s learning to follow her own sense of style, and ultimately, her own will. Secondly, if she’s unhappy with the result, it will teach her that our actions have reactions, and sometimes those reactions are not what we had in mind when we made the decision. But we must cope with situations, and “ride it out” irrespective if things panned out the way that we indented or not.
If I were you, I’d take her to a nice upmarket salon, and have the stylist help her to choose a cute pixie cut that will fit her face shape, features and expectations. Even let her have a few natural-looking highlights to make the cut more beautiful.
Afterwards, go for coffee or a movie. Make a quality mother and daughter day of it. Inherently, you’ll be showing her that you approve of her making her own decisions, and being an individual in her own right. You’ll also subconsciously be teaching her that it is healthy and good for a woman to spoil herself with the finer things in life such as a nice haircut and quality time with a friend or family.
The whole situation also teaches her that it is good and right for a girl or woman to take care of herself, and to take the time and effort to look and feel pretty. These are all foundations for a healthy, well-balanced girl. I think you can pat yourself on the back for raising a confident, beautiful young woman that will be able to face the world with her head held high.
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