Compulsive Hair Cutting

Compulsive hair cutting
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Q: I can’t stop cutting my own hair. Several times per day I check my hair in the mirror and when I find uneven ends, I pick up the scissors and start cutting.
Of course, after cutting my own hair the ends are still uneven and often worse than before. I already lost a lot of hair length because of this. Am I abnormal?

A: You’re not abnormal, but if you want to grow your hair, this is going to be a major problem.
Our society has been cleverly programmed and indoctrinated by the health and beauty industry to believe desperately in the concept of instant gratification. They sell you magical pills or diets that will supposedly make you lose ridiculous amounts of weight within a few days, or miracle creams that will take 20 years off of your face within a week... All of which are nonsense of course. But this subconscious belief can be traced through almost most of our behavior.
You want to “fix” your hair and make it look healthier and prettier and in better style than it was half an hour ago, and you want to do it right now, in the comfort of your own home. Go and have a look at advertisements for all bogus, instant gratification products.
The aforementioned sentence is an almost prototype poster for any such a product. But it’s a lie. You’re probably not going to feel better after you’ve cut your hair, because it most probably won’t come out perfectly, and you’ll have lost more length.
The answer is the same as for any other problem: If you want it done right; go to a professional. If you don’t know anything about diet or exercise, but want to get into shape, what do you do? You do to the gym and get advice from a personal trainer. The same concept applies here. Go to a talented and experienced stylist and have him/her transform your hairstyle and maintain it perfectly.
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