Best Hair Length for Your Face

Hair length and face shape
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Q: How can I find out what the best hair length is for my face?
A: You have two options:
1. You can do some research on the internet concerning different face types, and which type fits your own face. The main types are oval, round, heart shaped and square, although there are a lot of differentiations of these main types. Take a clear photo of your own face and compare it to the characteristics of these facial shape types. Also ask the opinions of your friends and family to help you to get a more accurate classification.
2. You can go to a professional hairdresser or even beautician or make-up artist and ask her/him to analyze the shape of your face. Most make-up artists that moonlight as make-up brand representatives in malls and beauty-isles will be able to make a perfect analyzation of you specific facial shape and structure. He/she will be able to tell you how to play up the strong points in your features, while downplaying things that can make you look less attractive.
You’ll learn lots of tricks to make your make-up and facial structure look at its best, while also getting a free mini makeover in the process. Listen carefully to her/his advice and make mental notes on how to copy their methods and techniques. Be sure to buy at least one product from them though, as they do work on a commission basis.
Once you know what type of facial shape and structure you have, and how to play up the best features of that specific face shape, do further research to see which type of hairstyles are most flattering concerning your facial type.
Choose and print about five pictures of hairstyles that you like most and go to a reputable professional hairdresser that’s known to put a lot of focus on the aesthetics of hairstyles. These are mostly your more creatively driven hairstylists; those who have worked on movie sets or musical sets or modelling shoots, although all professional hairstylists are trained during college to be able to analyze and classify a client’s face shape and structure.
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Tell her/him of the research that you’ve done and the choices that you’ve narrowed it down to. The hairstylist will then be able to take your pictures and give you advice on how each of the hairstyles will affect your specific appearance, while simultaneously taking into account that you’ve done your homework and already have a good idea of what you want. This way the hairstylist will immediately know that you’re well informed about face shapes, etc. and won’t be able to press a hairstyle on you that is his/her favorite cut.
Once you’ve taken the recommendations and extra information of the hairstylist into consideration, as well as the pros and cons of each hairstyle, you’ll be really well informed on which hairstyle should be the best fit for your facial type, structure as well as your personality type and specific needs and lifestyle. Good luck with finding your perfect hairstyle and enjoy the journey!
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