Gray Hair with Yellow in it

Gray hair with yellow in it
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Q: I have gray hair, and it is getting yellow in it. I take a lot of heart medicine. What can I use on my hair?
A: This is a common problem and is fortunately fairly easy to treat. There are a number of products available from different makers designed to remove yellow from gray hair. One of the most readily available is "Shimmer Lights" by Clairol, which is usually available in most supermarkets or drug stores.
In the worst case, a quick visit to your local beauty supply store will find what you need. There are also anti-yellowing formula shampoos and conditioners available from some of the larger salon chains. If you have a favorite salon, be sure to ask them about the availability of these products.
In some more-stubborn cases, when dealing with 100% gray hair, you can use a high-lift bleaching service to try and strip out the yellowing or a color-toning service using a platinum shade of blonde (basically a color that uses a blue-violet or violet base color) to neutralize the yellow.
However, most people prefer the blueing agents in the anti-yellowing shampoos to a hair color process, since many of the high-lift bleaching and color services can be harsh on the hair.
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