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Tame Hair at the Beach

Q: How can I tame my hair at the beach? I have hair like the actress Loni Anderson and when I go to the beach its scary. What can I do to make it look smoother without looking flat because I need a little height on top? Thank you.
A: When you say "tame your hair" are you referring to preventing frizz caused by the heat and humidity? If so, then you can generally get good results using a smoothing serum during the initial styling along with a stong-hold styling product. The smoothing serum helps to coat the hair shaft and prevent the moisture in the air from causing frizz. After styling, the hair should be misted with hairspray to further seal the cuticle and keep the hair in place.
&If you are instead referring to keeping the hair controlled in the wind at the beach I would recommend the above treatment, plus the use of some gentle confinement tools, such as a silk scarf wrapped Alice-band style around the head to give you some control over the hair.
If the problem is simply a matter of needing a little extra "texture protection", consider using a leave in conditioner when styling and use a "spray laminator" on the finished hair to seal the cuticle. These very-light oil mixtures smooth the cuticle, seal in (and out) moisture and give the hair a little more silkiness and smoothness of texture, so that wind in less likely to cause snarls and tangles.
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