Qui-Gon Jinn's Hair Style

Man with long hair
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Q: There seem to be no instructions for men with very long hair. Mine is about 20+ inches long. All that I have been able to do so far is put it in a ponytail. There aren't very many, nearly none, accessories for men's ponytails anywhere!
That said, my question is: How can I put my hair in the style of Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars Episode 1?

A: It's true that there isn't much in the way of resources for men with long hair as far as hairstyle ideas. Generally speaking, we have to look to periods in history when longer hair was more commonplace. Men's hairstyles have always tended to simplicity or utility, even in periods where the hair was worn longer (which was often as a sign of virility and status).
In fact, the shorter hairstyles of many ancient eras were favored by religious orders and other aesthetes who decided to eschew symbols of vanity, as well as by soldiers and slaves who hadn't the resources to spend time caring for longer hair properly.
Aside from history, we also take ideas from movies (who derive most of their style ideas from historical periods and cultural norms of different parts of the world). The inspirations are generally used to add flavor to the look while having the style fit with the character.
Looking at the style worn by the "Qui-Gon Jinn" character at the front of the head is drawn back and confined at the bottom of the crown section of the scalp. This is because long hair hanging down around the face would easily get into the eyes and hinder vision in combat.
Speaking to the specific recreation of this style, the execution is simple:
Using your styling comb, comb the sides and top sections of the hair back away from the face. Create parting lines from the top of the ear to the center of the crown section and gather the hair there, securing it in an elastic ponytail holder. Make sure the hair is securely confined, but allow sufficient slack in the hair to allow the sides to drape slightly - or not, if you prefer a sharper, sleeker look.
Take a length of leather thong (leather that is cut into thin strips and used for lacing in various situations). The thong should be of significant length. Tie the leather thong above the ponytail holder and allow the ends to hang loose. Wrap the ends of the thong around the ponytail in opposing directions crossing one another in front and in back of the ponytail. After you've bound as much of the ponytail as you wish, tie of the thong on the underside of the ponytail, so that the ends can be hidden.
Carefully comb or brush out the ponytail and the hair below the gathering point until it hangs smoothly and is untangled, and you're done. If needed, you can use a light styling product in the initial creation of the style, and you can apply a light application of smoothing serum afterward in order to make sure the hair is smooth and tamed without frizz or fly-away strands.
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