Coloring Hair During Your Period

Girl with long bleached hair
Photo: Ruslan Guzov/Shutterstock
Q: I have a question: can I bleach or color my hair during my period?
A: Certainly. There is nothing known of to prevent being able to color your hair during your period.
Sometimes, women who are on birth control may experience some issues in getting the desired results, but these cases are very rare. As long as you aren't having any abnormal hormonal issues, you are unlikely to have any trouble during your period when having a chemical hair service.
The only thing I've ever encountered regarding a woman on her menstrual cycle and getting a chemical service is that some women experience some sensitivity to odors during their menses. For these women, the smell of the chemicals involved can be nauseating during their periods. If you have such a sensitivity, simply avoid the chemical services during this time.
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