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Italian Top Hairstyle

Q: What is an Italian Top hairstyle/set?
A: In the 1980s a hairstyle called the "Italian top" was born and became popular among women with longer hair. Its key elements were a cut that was a fairly basic layered cut, styled in a roller set to direct the hair at an angle backward across the top of the head. The hair was "softly parted" along one side of the top section, and the sides curved around in the area of the ears to form a "c" shape.
The style is a full-volume style with lots of lift in the top section and along the sides. The back of the hair was also curled, but generally fell in cascades or was wound up at the bottom crown/nape sections in a loose bun. The style was soft and classy, suited to high-end events while being very serviceable and utilitarian in its durability.
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