Dye Indian Gray Hair

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Q: I have quite a lot of gray hair. It is white, actually. I would really like to dye it black. I am Indian, living in Europe, and I am concerned about how the hair will look once the dye has gone. In India the hair would turn brown when the black dye faded.
It would not look gray, but would be a bright brown color and stay that way for a couple of months, which forced you to dye it again. Is this the same thing that will happen with popular brands here in Europe? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

A: It sounds like the hair color that you've used in the past was a demi-permanent or was possibly henna-based color. Both of these have a tendency to fade over time. Demi-permanent is meant to gradually wash away, while henna has a tendency to "fade" over the course of weeks but often leaves a residual color, which would account for the "bright brown" you describe.
If you use permanent color, the color should last and only need retouching when the hair grows out, revealing the new growth which should show the gray hair again. If you do opt for a permanent hair color, be aware that if you have used henna-based colors in the past, you may have some issues with color penetration due to the residue left on the hair by henna and other vegetable dyes.
If you are in doubt about the formulation of any hair color you wish to use, be sure to ask advice from the personnel at the beauty supply store where you are shopping.
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