Hereditary Thin Hair

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Q: Hi, I am a 25-year-old student (female). I have had very thin hair since I was born and I see that everyone in my family has thin hair too. I can see that my hair is thinning faster, but my hair loss is normal. Is there any way that I can get luscious hair?
I am only worried about the thickness, not the length. Will any sort of medical or surgical treatment help? And will taking Biotin supplements help considering the fact that I have had thin hair all along? One other question that I have is: does new hair grow even when a person is 25 years old?

A: Yours is a difficult situation to be in. According to everything you say here, your thin hair is very likely a hereditary trait and not something that is caused by any factors that you could change in order to reverse the effects. That being said, There may be some treatments that would be suited for you, although I cannot possibly make such a determination.
Since you mention that you can see your hair is thinning faster, you truly need to visit your dermatologist and speak with him or her about the options available and what may be right for you. You need to pinpoint the cause of the additional thinning so that you can know what treatments (if any) are available.
I know that in cases of women and men who undergo extreme levels of hair loss and thinning hair replacement treatments (transplants) are often successful. However, there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration before such treatments can be contemplated. I'm afraid this is a situation that only a medical professional can help you with.
However, there are cosmetic tips that may help your hair look as thick as possible. Look for a thickening shampoo (such as the ever-popular) Mane 'N Tail shampoos and conditioners which are designed to plump the diameter of the hair shaft and make the hair look and feel thicker. You can also use a root lift serum and blow-dry your hair with your head inverted in order to maximize the fullness of the hair.
Finally, the right cut can always help. With thin hair, remember that a layered cut with wave will help to add volume and the appearance of fullness. Straight, blunt styles only serve to emphasize the thinness of the hair.
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