Biotin and Hair

Q: Hi, I have baby fine hair, and it seems to look thin at times. I've been taking Biotin because my nails would break easily. I'm wondering if Biotin will help thicken my hair as well. I have shoulder length hair. It's black. It's getting gray.
I'm only 44. I've heard if you have an oval-shape face, it's best to get it cut short. Do you have any suggestions about how to get it thicker? How long does it take to grow if you're consistently taking Biotin? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

A: While Biotin is known to have a beneficial effect on brittle nails, there have been no studies to support any claimed benefit to the hair from taking Biotin as a supplement, except in one study of patients suffering from Biotin deficiency from parenteral nutrition (feeding through tubes). These patients were suffering hair loss as a secondary symptom of Biotin deficiency and in some cases, receiving Biotin supplements to their diet resulted in regrowth of hair.
Please understand that I realize there have been claims made that Biotin can increase hair thickness and reverse graying, but there have been no studies to support these claims. As such, I advise against taking any Biotin supplement for the purpose of increasing hair health or growth.
The best way to ensure healthy hair is getting a proper, balanced diet, high in protein, getting sufficient rest, and maintaining proper hygiene.
To help you get more satisfaction from your thin, fine hair, you should use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner formula. Additionally, by using Witch Hazel - poured through the hair as a final rinse - you can add body to the hair. Combine this with blow-drying using a vented brush to lift the hair at the roots, and you can create the effect of fuller thicker hair.
You can also find a number of "thickening shampoos" and "thickening serums" on the market today, which can help to add volume to the hair shaft, by coating the shaft or slightly swelling the cuticle layer.
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