Realistic Real Hair Wigs

Image: Depositphotos
Q: Do you know of a top of the line wig maker who can make real hair wigs that look completely realistic with hair styles on your page?
A: While the styles shown on our pages are all current or classic looks, and the hairstyler software allows you to see dozens of styles, you needn’t look for a specific wig style if you plan to have the wig custom made.
However, you should be aware of the potential costs involved in custom hairpieces – or as they are often referred to in the current trend, Hair Replacement Systems. Depending on the “grade” of hair used, a custom wig can cost anywhere from a base of $400 to literally thousands of dollars.
There are sites online offering custom-made lace-front wigs made from Remy hair starting at $400, and another site offering custom made wigs using your own hair and adding “filler hair” as needed, with prices that start at $500 and up.
The “high-end” wigmakers can charge starting prices of $2,000 or more and are often booked well into months in advance. Your best bet is to contact the high-end salons in your area and ask around. Many major cities are home to salon professionals who are accomplished wigmakers, any of whom can give you the custom-made, natural-looking hair you want. And, the cost will be commensurate with the standard fees in your community.
In most cases the wigmaker will work with you to select a style that is right for you. However, in many cases you can simply get a wig made to the specifications your want as far as color, density and length, and can have the wig cut and styled at your local salon by a professional. This is one of the benefits of choosing a human hair wig.
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