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Hairstyle for an Egg-shaped Head

Q: What is a good hairstyle for an egg-shaped head (egg-ish shaped head)?
A: I’m presuming that by “egg-shaped” you mean heads that seem to be more exaggeratedly “egg-ish”. I make this distinction because all heads are predominantly “ovoid” in shape (an elongated sphere) ovoid meaning “egg like”. Still, there are some individuals whose skulls are more bulbous, giving the head a very egg-like quality.
These individuals can generally get by with most hairstyles as long as the styles are modified and adapted to compensate for the particular needs to maintain a sense of balance. You have to identify the specific needs of the head’s shape as it pertains to making the head appear proportionately oval.
egg shaped face

For example, if the individual’s head is fuller and more rounded in the top and crown sections, you would want a style that used minimal layering in those sections to create even amounts of bulk and drawn attention to the lower portions of the face and keep the sense of balance. With fine or straighter hair this can mean using beveling and adding curl to puff up areas that are naturally flatter. With naturally wavy hair you may need to add more layering in the upper portions to keep from creating a ballooning effect in the silhouette.
The goal is of course to create a balanced appearance to the head, so avoid adding bulk in the areas of the head that are the fullest and most prominent. Conversely, when you have a head in which the upper sections are fuller and the whole appears bulbous, you want to make sure to avoid styles that taper at the ends creating an elongated effect, since this only emphasizes the bulbous look.
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