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Croydon Facelift Hairstyle

Q: What is a “Croydon facelift hairstyle”? I heard that it can make you look younger. Can you tell me more about it? Will it damage my hair?
A: The phrase “Croydon Facelift” is actually British slang for a specific hairstyle look. It’s also referred to as a “council house facelift”, or an “Essex facelift” (among other variations throughout the U.K.). It is unfortunately not often used in a flattering context, instead being intended to refer to someone as being “common” or of “low class”.
Croydon facelift hairstyle
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In 2010, the term was bandied about in reference to Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle in her second appearance as a guest judge on “American Idol.” In any case, the style is fairly simple in its construction. The hair is pulled back very tightly and carefully combed up to the crown area of the head where it is secured with a hair band and often adorned with other accessories.
The reason it’s referred to as a “such-and-such facelift” is that the tautness of the hair pulls the skin of the face (especially around the eyes and cheeks) tight, giving the effect of a facelift. Because of this, it can actually help some women look younger. However, it is not a look for those with narrow faces or angular or sharp features as the result is that the individual can look gaunt.
The “Croydon facelift” style can take a toll on the hair if worn too frequently, or pulled too tightly. That toll takes the form of Traction Alopecia as the hairs around the forward perimeter can be pulled out. To avoid this, you should use styling gel or pomade to draw the hair and hold it smoothly against the scalp, while using less tension in the headbands.
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