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Chelsea Haircut

Q: One of my friends told me she plans to cut her long hair into a “Chelsea” this summer. What is a “Chelsea” haircut? And what is a “Chelsea hawk”?
A: The “Chelsea” cut is a “punk-ish” style that features clippered hair on the main portions of the hair, but retains a long fringe and sideburns (referred to sometimes as dog-ears) and may even have elongated perimeter lengths.
The exact length of the clippered section depends on preference though is usually no longer than 3/8ths of an inch. The fringe and ‘dog-ears’ also may vary in length but are generally cut in order to frame the face or create an elongated crescent around the eyes.
chelsea haircut

The Chelsea hawk combines the elements of the Chelsea with the more classic punk look, the Mo-Hawk. The fringe/side zone in the Chelsea hawk is extended back along the center top section for some distance and may form a strip, a wide band or even a narrowing point aimed at the crown section.
Most Chelsea hawk styles have shorter ‘dog-ears’ but may even extend back to the nape section of the head. It really is a matter of personal taste and expression, which is the emphasis of most of the punk movement’s fashion trends.
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