Conditioner for Permed Hair

Young woman taking care of her permed hair
Photo: Shutterstock
Q: What is the best conditioner for permed hair?
A: The "best" product for any situation is the one that does what you need it to do for your hair. Is your permed hair healthy-looking, shiny and soft to the touch? If not, then you need a conditioner that will help to give you that result.
There are many makers who have suitable products that would meet these requirements, but the idea of what is "best" is completely subjective. You could ask five different professionals and get five different answers.
A better option is to take a look at the specific needs of your permed hair and select a product that is formulated to help with those issues: if the hair feels dry, choose a moisturizing and hydrating conditioner; and if the hair is frizzed, look for a conditioner that will help to smooth the cuticle layer.
Try different products until you get one that you're happy with and don't assume that a more expensive product is automatically better. Some salon brands are wonderful products, but many of the less-expensive "mainstream brands" are just as effective at meeting your needs.
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