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Bald Spot

Q: Before summer my wife gave our 5-year-old a bald spot on his neck while she was trying to trim his hair. 3 months later after the rest of his hair grew the bald spot I thought would grow back hair is still bald. It's the size of a half dollar. I'm confused why it's still bald. Why didn't it grow back?
A: As much as I would love to provide you with an answer, I honestly don't have anything more than some possible theories. I don't know the nature of the "bald spot" your child experienced. If it was caused by trauma to the skin, that damaged the follicles, then it would explain why it has not grown back in.
And such trauma is generally not unclear, since injury sufficient to damage the follicles, and cause them to cease hair production, would have an impact on the rest of the surrounding skin. So, scrapes, scratches, or burns would all leave a clear sign as to what could be the cause.
Being honest, once you get away from the part of the hair that emerges from the scalp, you've reached the end of the parts that any cosmetologist is authorized to help you with. Things of this nature (i.e. unusual hair loss) can and should be seen and diagnosed by a physician. It may be any number of things, but I'm very sorry that I cannot offer you more than the suggestion that you consult your pediatrician on the matter.
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