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Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Q: What kind of hairstyles go well with thick hair? Or is there a way to thin out your hair and keep it thin so it doesn't curl or get puffy when the hair gets longer?
thinning shears A: Most thick hair types can take advantage of a layered style rather well, since the layering helps to distribute the amount of volume in the hair. If you don't want "layers" you can also have the hair "thinned" using special shears with teeth instead of solid blades.
As for the hair's tendency to curl or get puffy as it gains length, you will want to pursue this from a styling stand point. These issues come as a result of the hair's wave pattern, and therefore the longer the hair gets the more it has a chance to show the level of curl and wave it possesses.
In most cases a combination of thinning the hair, followed by blow-dry straightening and flat-iron smoothing will help you create the smooth look you seem to desire. However, for a more permanent effect, you may want to consider a chemical straightening service to make the smoothing and straightening faster and easier.
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