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Hairstyles for a Small Head

Q: What hairstyles look good if you have a small head? What hair style will make a smaller head look bigger?
A: When it comes to choosing a good (i.e. flattering) hair style, the key is proportion and balance. If you have a small head you want to make sure your hair is in proportion to your head, else you run the risk of defeating your intent and can actually emphasize your small head.
That being said, you can use "volume" to make your head appear somewhat larger. Try styles that have a lot of lift and body, especially if you have fine or flat hair. Just don't overdo it.
Another trick to creating an illusion of increased size is the use of color and highlighting. In addition to styles with added volume, try adding highlights in a shade two to three levels lighter than your natural base color. By adding depth and dimension to your color, you can create an illusion of larger size.
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