Hair, Saltwater & Chlorine

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Photo: Monticello/Shutterstock
Q: I often find my hair styles better if I go swimming in salt water, or even swimming in a pool. Are there any products that I can use to simulate this effect that saltwater and even chlorine have on my hair?
A: The way to recreate these effects depends on what the specific effect is that you want to emulate. For some people it's the mineral and chemical deposits that they like for the way it causes their hair to behave. For people with finer hair textures, the salt water or chlorinated water make the hair feel thicker and fuller.
This effect can be imitated by using a shampoo designed for "thickening" the hair. There are also other options, such as using Witch Hazel as an after-shampoo rinse, and mixing Epsom Salt into water and using it as a rinse.
The Epsom salt mixture adds minerals to the hair that make it soft, but also mimic the effect of seawater on the hair as well. Just be cautious because both Epsom Salt and Witch Hazel are somewhat alkaline and can stress the hair with extended use.
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