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Plait Hair

Q: Hi. I’m desperately trying to find step by step instructions on how to plait hair. I don’t want braids. Please can you help me?
A: According to “Wiktionary”, “”, and “Mirriam-Webster Online” (three leading dictionary websites) the word “plait” means “a braid or twist (as of hair or straw)” or “a pleat or fold of fabric”.
hair braiding

Our website has a number of articles and demos on various braiding techniques that can be modified to use a variety of base section sizes to create an infinite variety of styles. The plaits can be styled to lie along the scalp, or can be created using a small base section and braided into “cords” of hair that swing loosely. You can see the basic braid techniques (as well as links to advanced braiding/plaiting designs) here.
It’s possible that you are referring to something else, but I have no way of discerning what you want. Please let us know if there is anything further we can try to help you with.
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