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Q: My hairdresser has been doing my hair for three years. She just started at a new, very expensive salon, so I followed her and had my hair done on Saturday. I spent four and a half hours there and when I got home, spent another two trying to fix it myself.
My natural hair color right now is dark brown mixed with 75% graey and I have dyed/highlighted every 6 weeks when the re-growth becomes unbearable. It's dark brown with blonde highlights. She colored the re-growth dark brown, and then when she foiled this time, she overlapped previous highlights so much that many, many of the highlights are not the beautiful sunny golden-yellow blonde they were before, but now are white!
I used a temporary color gloss named Radiance to cover over them, and it works pretty well, but it is temporary. I am going on vacation in a few weeks and want nice hair. I have been through so much hair trauma through the years, and I refuse to call the salon and ruin my hairdresser's brand-new job and reputation! Is there another good type of toner that I can purchase myself at Sally's or some place like that that would make my white highlights more yellowy?

A: While I can understand your hesitance to harm your stylist's reputation by asking her to correct a badly executed service at a new salon, simply taking it upon yourself to absorb the responsibility for the problem is neither fair to you nor truly helpful to her.
I would recommend first that you contact the stylist and speak to her directly with your concerns about the results of your last color service. Ask her how she suggests resolving the issue. It is possible that she may want to see you outside the salon to correct the mistake if trying to perform a correction in the salon would be problematic.
However, if you insist that you prefer to handle this situation on your own, I can recommend you consider using Clairol's Natural Instincts. The Natural instincts color formula, in the Blonde family, color #04 Sunflower - Medium Golden Blonde should be able to tone the overly light highlights of your hair to a shade you find acceptable without lightening the base color of your hair.
Follow the kit's directions carefully. The color is demi-permanent and will not last more than 6-12 shampoos, but will be significantly less harsh on your hair than a permanent color formula.
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