Lauren Conrad Curls

Lauren Conrad hair
Lauren Conrad - Photo by PR Photos
Q: How do I get loose curls like Lauren Conrad's?
A: The easiest way to get the kind of soft, swirling curls that Lauren Conrad usually wears is to use a series of large Velcro rollers on dry hair.
Wrap the rollers in the hair, dividing the hair between at least a dozen rollers (more rollers can be used for more curls). Lightly mist the hair-wrapped rollers with hairspray and apply heat (use a hooded dryer or a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment on a high-heat/low-airflow setting to heat the hair) then allow the hair to cool.
This heating/cooling process will set the curl, so do NOT remove the rollers until the hair is completely cooled.
After removing the rollers, you can use your fingers to comb out the curls or use a tined brush with widely spaced prongs to gather and direct the swirls as desired.
Lightly misting the fingers with hairspray and then running them through the hair after brushing will enable you to create some segregation and definition of the swirls as well as smoothing down any fly-away strands.
Lauren Conrad hairstyle and ombre hair color
Lauren Conrad - Photos by PR Photos
Lauren Conrad curls
Lauren Conrad - Photos by PR Photos
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