Curly Hair & Ivy League Haircut

Ivy league haircut
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Q: Can an Ivy League haircut be done on curly hair, and if so, how is it done and what lengths do you recommend?
A: The traditional Ivy League cut is performed in the same manner regardless of the wave pattern of the hair involved. The hair is clipper cut short and tapered on the sides and back and graduated to a longer length at the forehead area.
The recommended lengths depend largely on the amount of curl in the hair (how tightly curled, etc.), the hair's texture, and how you want the finished style to look. The hair typically is cut and styled so that the bangs will fall across the forehead or can be styled back for a tidier look. In order to do this, the hair's length needs to be kept long enough to allow for the versatility of styling.
For a young man with medium curly hair, I would suggest that the fringe length be kept sufficient to hang to the tip of the nose when wet. Since curly hair gets significantly shorter when it dries than when it is wet, the additional length will be needed to prevent the hair from being cut too short.
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