Colin Farrell Hair

Colin Farrell hair
Colin Farrell - Photo by PR Photos
The wild-eyed bad boy look seems to be Colin Farrell's stock in trade. The Irish-born Farrell has become one of Hollywood's A-List actors and has commanded a lot of respect for his work in films like "Tigerland", "Minority Report" (opposite Tom Cruise) and "Alexander".
The photos here show Farrell sporting something of a collegiate, or Ivy-League cut, characterized by the shorter sides and back and the increasing length to the forehead. This is a great cut for those who have very dense hair in medium to coarse, and straight hair types.
The Cut: To get this haircut, cut the hair to the standards of the usual men's cut around the perimeter, making sure to leave the fringe area long (at least brow length). Cut the back and sides in shorter layers, ranging from 1 to 2 inches as you move up from the bottom edge of the perimeter.
Continue with increasing the lengths as you move across the crown and the top of the head to the fringe area. The cut can be done using scissors and then textured on the ends using a razor tool, or you can simply cut the hair entirely using the razor.
Colin Farrell haircut with the hair styled upwards
Colin Farrell - Photos by PR Photos
The Style: Style this cut by plying the hair with leave-in conditioner and using one of the new liquid-wax styling mousses. Blow-dry the hair using the fingers to comb the hair and keep it separate, directing the airflow upwards to maximize the volume created.
Dry the hair to a mostly-dry state and then use the fingers to comb the hair into the desired configuration, creating a messy, bed head look. Allow the hair to finish drying naturally. Mist with hair spray for a strong hold to the finished style and to keep the sharp edges of the style intact.
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