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How to diagram for a Josh Holloway hair cut
Q: First of all, I have to say this is the best hair website I've seen ever. Congrats. Now, for my question: Do you have a diagram for Josh Holloway's (as Sawyer) haircut, and how can I style it? Thanks for any answer.
A: Josh Holloway is one of the hottest actors in television these days, largely due to the success of the ABC's series on which he plays "Sawyer". The long-haired, bad-boy look has inspired fans all over the world to follow his example.
The haircut is pretty simple: The upper two-thirds of the hair is elevated to 180-degree elevation and cut using a stationary guide to create a horizontal plane. The lower third of the hair (along the bottom perimeter) is elevated to 90 degrees and cut using a traveling guide that moves around the head horizontally.
Once the base cut is complete, use a razor tool to add smoothness and remove extra bulk from the ends of the hair. The goal is to create a look that is light and wispy. The cut, and in fact the finished hairstyle, work best with straight to mildly wavy hair that is medium to fine in texture. It would not be a good cut for anyone with curly hair.
Josh Holloway hair
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