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Sacred Geometry Haircut

Q: I am interested in a haircut based on Sacred Geometry called hair balancing: Could you tell me more about this?
A: These "Sacred Geometry" hair cuts and hair design salons are purporting to offer a holistic approach to hair care and espouse the school of thought that the methods and styles into which the hair is cut can effect the health, emotional state and spiritual well-being of the individual.
girl with long hair wearing a turtleneck Generally speaking, the salons offering these services explain that: "A haircut is more than just the physical cutting of hair. It influences your entire energetic system. Hair is connected through nervous, circulatory, and hormonal systems and through the chakra system, acupuncture points, and meridians to the whole body.
When hair is in balance there is an increased energy flow to the head, creating a relaxed, yet more alive feeling. Hair is the extension of the physical body into its electromagnetic field (the aura). Kirlian photography has documented positive changes in the form of expansion of and increased harmony in the energetic field after a 'Hair Balancing.'"
The benefits of these types of services are usually subjective. Some people swear by the benefits of the services, while others find them no different in essence to standard salon hair care services.
The idea of using alternative wisdom to improve all aspects of our lives is not new. There are salons that offer Feng Shui haircuts as well, purporting to use ancient Eastern wisdom and principles of balance and harmony to create the perfect hair cut for an individual.
One common, objective trait of any of these services is that the cost for the services is generally much higher than their traditional counterparts. If you feel that these techniques are right for you, then by all means go for it. However, I want to urge caution to everyone that regardless of your stylists approach to hair care.
You should always insist on being assured that the stylist give you his/her licensing number if you live in a part of the world that requires cosmetologists be licensed to practice on clients. In the U.S. most states offer web-service that allows you to look up a cosmetologist's licensure on line and shows any censures or complaints filed against the individual by the state board. As always, you are better being safe than being sorry.
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