Meg Ryan's Curly Hair

Meg Ryan in City of Angels
Q: How did they do Meg Ryan's style in the movie "City of Angels"? I want to try to duplicate that look.
A: If you already have very wavy/curly hair of the size of curls Meg Ryan wore in "City of Angels", the cut and hairstyle are simple.
Use a long circle cut, texture the ends using a notching technique and style the hair using a strong hold styling gel and a diffused blow-dry while scrunching the hair to maximize the curl.
If you don't have the right size or amount of curl, you can get it by using medium sized rollers and doing a spiral wrapped wet set on the cut described above.
Use a styling gel or mousse to create hold and once dry, finger comb the hair to style. Follow it up with a light application of smoothing serum to the hands and fingers as you scrunch the curls to give definition and ensure smoothness.
As always, the curl can be made long-lasting and easier to maintain on a daily basis by simply getting a spiral perm on the circle-cut hair.
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