Up-do Style for Balding Front Hair Line

Hair with a balding front line
Photo: New Africa/Shutterstock
Q: I was wondering if you have any ideas for an up-do style on a 50-ish woman who is going bald in the very front hair line. Her daughter is getting married and would like to wear her hair up for the wedding.
I feel like everything that I have tried just makes it look worse. I told her that her hair looks great when its down but she insists on wanting to wear it up. Do you have any ideas?

A: It is so very difficult to make suggestions for hairstyles without a lot of information. However, the main suggestion I can offer is that a style that offers curls on the top of the head and is up-swept at the sides and back can offer a nice balanced look.
Try rolling the hair at the top and front half of the crown on smaller rollers, and sweep the hair at the sides and back into a French Twist. Once the curls are set, they can be softened and arranged to create a flattering look. This simple style can be dressed up with a few well chosen hair accessories, such as jeweled hair pins or combs.
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