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Straightened Hair and Humid Weather

Q: My slightly wavy hair is very straight and shiny when I get it straightened (with a flat iron) at a hair salon. A couple of days later however the waves are back. Would permanently straightening be a solution? What type of hair straightening would you advice and does permanently straightened hair curl or frizz in humid weather?
A: Certain of the permanent straightening processes Japanese Straightening, etc.) offer long term results that give you very straight hair. The hair remains smooth and glossy, but the processes are comparatively expensive versus the other "permanent options".
The best type of permanent straightening for you depends on your budget and time commitments for maintaining the hair afterwards. Look at the various salons in your area and ask them about the services they offer. Check on cost initially as well as cost for maintenance and special products they require to ensure that you don't find yourself out of luck if you don't like the result and they say you didn't use the recommended products.
There are some at home products for straightening that are well-liked, and you may investigate those also, but remember to treat those as you would a home perm, and be careful using them - following the package warnings and directions carefully. Ogilvie makes one such product.
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