The Hairstyles of Newscasters

Newscaster's layered hair
Q: Hi. Can you please tell me how to get the cut that all of the newscasters have now? The cut has one layer on the side but shorter than the rest of the hair, brushed back and both sides curved under at the nape. Thanks so much!
A: The hairstyle to which you are referring has a number of variants, but has some common elements:
•  Distinctly delineated layering sections.
•  Soft, razor-cut ends and texturing.
•  Styling to maximize volume and fullness.
•  Straight to mildly wavy styling.
The style is seen with and without bangs (fringe) and can be cut either way. The signature element is the specific length of the top section which creates a separate layer all on its own. In instances of the style with bangs, the top section may be smaller, but still creates a specific section of layering.
As you can see in the diagram, the lower sections are cut with lower elevation and nearer-vertical cutting lines to create shallow layering, while the top-center section is cut with nearly 180-degree elevation or over-directed to one side or the other and cut perpendicular to the hair shaft to make the top section fall closely together in its layering.
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