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Men's Hair & Thermal Reconditioning

Q: I was wondering whether Thermal reconditioning can work on men's hair because it is shorter. In my case 1-2 inches long on side and back and 2-3 inches long on top.
A: Thermal reconditioning will work on hair of most any length, provided the stylist performing the process has implements of the appropriate size. Some stylists/salons may have limitations on how short the hair they will work with can be, so it is important to check with all the local salons that offer this service to make sure you will be accepted as a client.
You should also be aware that because of the length of your hair, and the average rate of hair growth, you will probably need to retouch your Thermal Reconditioning service every couple of months at least. Given the cost of this procedure, you may find it's not feasible to pursue Thermal Reconditioning on such short hair. Even at the minimum average cost for the process ($500 U.S.) you would be committing yourself to approximately $3000 per year in maintenance for your hair, simply for straightening.
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